Central Ohio Adoption Attorneys

Whether you are looking to bring a new member into your family, place your child for adoption, or are a step-parent looking to adopt your step-child, we are here to help. Every family is unique, but there are common steps to the process and the attorneys at Wood & Long, LLC in Columbus, Ohio know the process. With the legal hurdles to overcome in order to make it happen, it is important to engage an experienced and compassionate attorney who will work diligently on your behalf.

columbus ohio adoption attorneyThe main types of adoption are step-parent, private, public, interstate, and foreign. Procedurally, each is a little different than the others. However, there are also some commonalities. One of the first steps in any adoption is to ensure proper notice is provided to anyone who can be considered a necessary party. With the exception of an adult adoption, the court will require a home study be performed, as well. There may also be a requirement for a court appointed adoption assessor to investigate your request. Our attorneys strive to provide you a sense of peace and ease in handling these requirements; that way, you can continue to focus on your family.

Our attorneys have also defended against adoptions where the client does not believe the adoption to be in the child’s best interest. If that is the case, we are knowledgeable about the standards that apply and the way to contest a placement.

If an adoption is on your horizon, our attorneys can help. Call our Columbus, Ohio office at (614) 567-3031 to schedule your initial consultation. If you hire us, we will credit your account with the cost of your initial consultation