Modification or Enforcement

Post-Decree Litigation: Modification and Enforcement of Court Orders

If you already have court orders from a divorce, dissolution, legal separation, or previous custody battle and are seeking to modify or enforce those orders, our modify support custody parenting time visitationColumbus, Ohio attorneys are well-versed in post-decree issues. We know the ins-and-outs of contempt proceedings, modification or termination of support, and reallocation of custody or parenting time. If you are looking for an attorney to assist you in one of these areas, call our office at (614) 567-3031 or email one of our attorneys to set up your initial consultation.

Post-decree litigation may either be to modify prior court orders or to enforce prior court orders. Enforcement of prior orders is generally called a contempt action. Modification of prior orders may be related to financial issues or to child-related issues.

At the Columbus, Ohio office of Wood & Long, LLC, we are here to help. We are with you through every step of the way from start to finish and beyond. Sometimes it’s necessary to modify the court orders because the child(ren) have outgrown the current parenting time schedule or because incomes of the parties has changed dramatically.

If you are looking at post-decree litigation, whether it’s for contempt, custody, parenting time, child support, or spousal support, our attorneys can help. Call our Columbus, Ohio office at (614) 567-3031 to schedule your initial consultation. If you hire us, we will credit your account with the cost of your initial consultation.