Modifying Child Support

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Where issues pertaining to the child(ren), including child support, are part of a decree of divorce, dissolution, legal separation, or custody case, the Court retains “continuing jurisdiction” over those matters until the child(ren) reaches 18 years of age. When it comes to child support, the Court may retain jurisdiction beyond modify child support columbus ohio attorneythe child’s 18th birthday, if certain factors are present. If you are seeking to
modify a child support order issued by the Court in a prior proceeding, the attorneys at Wood & Long, LLC, can help. We are well-versed in the calculations of guideline child support and have access to the latest software to assist you in determining what that figure looks like. We also know what showing is required so the Court can modify the child support in your case.

When might the Court order child support beyond the child’s 18th birthday?

Usually, the legal obligation to provide support for a child ends when the child turns 18 years of age. However, if the child is still in high school, support can continue until the child turns 19. Another situation that may require support beyond the child’s 18th birthday is if the child has a mental or physical disability. If the child, because of a disability, is unable to support himself or herself, it may be that the parents have a continuing obligation to provide support. Several factors must be addressed in order for the Court to determine whether this exception applies.

What must I show the Court so the child support can be modified?

The Court must find a change of circumstances has occurred in order to modify support. This is often not difficult to show, since child support is established with taking an array of factors in mind that vary over time, such as income and the cost of health insurance or work-related childcare. However, a slight increase or decrease may not be enough to give the Court the ability to modify support. The Court must find that the child support will be changing by 10% or more from the prior order.

Do I have to go through the Court to modify child support? 

No. You can either go through the Court or through the child support enforcement agency. Depending on your circumstances, one route may be more advisable than the other. For example, if you want to change parenting time or custody at the same time, you may be better served to go through the Court, which has the power to change all of those things at once. On the other hand, if you are only seeking to modify support, it could be that using the administrative process with the child support enforcement agency is the better option. The child support enforcement agency, even if you don’t make a request, will conduct an administrative review every three years.

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