Modifying or Terminating Spousal Support

Central Ohio Spousal Support Attorneys

modifying terminating spousal support alimony columbus ohioModifying or terminating a spousal support award may be possible if the Court retained jurisdiction. The question boils down to whether the circumstances you present to the Court will justify a change to modify or terminate.

What circumstances will warrant a modification or termination of spousal support?

If there has been a change that was not contemplated at the time of the original order for support, your case may qualify for termination or modification. Such changes may include an increase or involuntary decrease in income, changes to medical expenses, or major changes in living expenses.

Like an original order for spousal support, the Court has a great deal of discretion in determining whether a change of circumstances exists to justify a modification or termination of support.

You should rely on experienced counsel to help you in a spousal support modification or termination proceeding. The attorneys at Wood & Long, LLC have the experience and competence to aid you in such a process. We have access to cutting edge software that analyzes the tax consequences and affect on your budget of any spousal support award.

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